What People Are Saying

Joanne has evolved my relationship with money to an extraordinary place. The practices and tools taught are easily digestible and implementable and have lasting impact. I look forward with anticipation to participating again in her classes or coaching. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their relationship with money.       –  Neal T.

Thank goodness for this class! This hands on practical approach using small group discussions and experiential exercises to shine the light of mindful awareness on our relationship with money while applying the principles of patience, gentleness and strength can not be underestimated. Much of our world is touched by our approach to this rarely acknowledged, more often simply accepted as the way it is, area of money in our lives. Taking a fresh genuine look with Joanne’s precise guidance and care with other class participants has given me an opening from which to notice and set new intentions to relate with money from my own principles rather than from a place of unconscious habit. I feel that I have tools and mindful practices from the class to inspire me to wake up to the role that money plays in my own life as well as in society more generally on a regular basis now. I highly recommend taking this class!      –  Susie C.

Joanne’s class was a real eye-opener for me. It was fascinating and very helpful to ‘look under the hood’ and question my old and outdated (mostly irrational) beliefs about money. So many of my feelings, and resulting behaviors, I discovered to be unconsciously conditioned by my parents and grandparents fears and insecurity, neatly internalized without my even noticing. Through simple (and painless) contemplations and exercises, these were uncovered and re-evaluated under Joanne’s gentle but fearless supervision and support. I can’t recommend her programs highly enough!      –  Irv K.

I really enjoyed this course. Joanne created an environment that was completely kind and gentle …she brought in humor which is so important when looking at old habits of money management which are not useful. I got a glimpse of emotions and behaviors around money that come from old family beliefs as well as other cultural influences. I would highly recommend her programs for anyone interested in opening up to a more positive, flowing relationship to money and finances.      –  Janet R.

I’ve attended the day-long program and the 6 week online course. Both have opened my eyes immensely as to how I treat myself and my relationship with money. Working with Joanne has helped me create a deeper sense of gentleness with my finances and slowly but surely, I’m beginning to see where I’ve been reacting instead of acting. This is an invaluable program!      –  Jeri J.

I am incredibly grateful for these teachings. My relationship with money has been exceedingly challenging throughout my life, and this class has been a profound help. Joanne’s balance of practical exercises and gentle guiding awareness have given me the opportunity to see more clearly into my patterns around finance and self worth. I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in gaining insight, and wanting to take action toward a grounded and enriched sense of wellbeing.      –  Jaime M.  

I recently had the chance to take Joanne’s Financial WellBeing Online class and found it invaluable. There are so few resources available like this that bring together meditation and mindfulness, the practicality of engaging our personal finances with openness and gentleness, engaging others in dialogue about the challenges and sometimes blocks related to money, and an underlying view of our own inherent wealth. I’m so appreciative for the work Joanne has done in bringing together these rich materials and practices. Would definitely wholeheartedly recommend these classes to anyone that wants to engage their own relationship to wealth and money on a deep level. – Robert R.