Individual and Couples Coaching

Individual Coaching sessions are available. Meet with Joanne online via a simple video technology, or at the Financial WellBeing Center office in Sonoma California.

Often times our finances are shared. This can present a number of painful practical and communications issues. A recent Money Magazine survey found 70% of married couples argue about money – ahead of fights about household chores, togetherness, sex, snoring, and what’s for dinner. Couples Coaching is a powerful tool for addressing these issues with non-judgmental warmth and clarity. Our experience is that working in this way with our money issues together usually results in closer and more understanding relationships.

Money is also involved a relationship in a number of other issues – between business partners, family members, or others. Financial Coaching can be helpful – either in sorting out the issues individually, or in sessions with the other party.

Rates for a one hour session is $125. 

Please email Joanne at for more information and to make an appointment.