Classes and Workshops

New Online 6 Week Video Class: Starts in September. This course utilizes skill building, mindfulness and other powerful principles to work with the 5 most important areas of creating financial well-being: 1)Understanding true wealth and money, 2) Stepping beyond anxieties, old belief, and habits, 3) Managing money mindfully with our deep values, 4) The Dance of Income, 5) Creating good money relationships with partners and others in our life. Please join us! Details below:
Location: This is a recorded video class, which you can take from the comfort of your home at your own pace. You can take this class by video only, but you are invited to join the instructor once a week for online video discussions as you take the class. This is a powerful way to ground what you learn, get support, and share discoveries. (BTW no specific personal financial information is shared in these meetings.) Live optional discussion group meets via video conferencing six times. 
Email Joanne at to let her know you are interested in the 6 week class.

Individual Financial Coaching and Couples Consultations
Online classes and Consultations meet via Zoom, a simple live video technology. 

Curious what the online classes are like? Watch this video from one of the 6 week classes.