My goal is to provide coaching and training that can help you be successful, knowledgeable, and relaxed so you can enjoy the financial part of your life. I do coaching both online via live video, and in person in my office in Sonoma, CA.

My approach is a unique combination of financial skill building, values clarification, and stress reduction tools (because we all know how stress producing finances can be!) Couples coaching will also show you how to use mindful communication and creative decision making to reduce conflict and create harmony with your partner again.

If you are interested in individual or couples coaching or have other questions, please contact me at jmartinbraun@gmail.com.

Watch this short video if you would like to know more about my upcoming 6 Week Video class Mindful Money: Creating Financial WellBeing in Your Life. The course opens September 15th and is hosted by Shambhala Online. For more information and registration please click here.